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History 4546

Religion advertisement

An advertisement for the online dating website, 

“People like those who like what they like” 

In the particular case of religion, people want to date other people who believe in the same religion as they do. It is a basic idea, but it is the idea behind a multi-million dollar industry. Religion is one of the most important characteristics a person looks at when choosing a partner. Websites like and Christian mingle offer a unique opportunity to search thousands of possible partners who share a desire to find someone with their same belief. In addition, people who practice a different religion may also sign up for those sites if they desire. This could mean they wish to meet someone who does not believe in what they do, or they are willing to convert in some cases if they meet the right person.

In addition to those more general websites, there are others out there that go even further in depth with religion. For example, is a site for the South Asian community that breaks down even further into Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists. Another website is only for observant Jews. The Internet has provided people the ability to find exactly what they are looking for in the most specific terms possible and in the case of religion that is no different.