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A closeup of one annotation that King James I objected to. Found in the first chapter of the book of Exodus, it explains that Egyptian midwives were justified in defying the Pharaoh's order to kill male Hebrew babies. He felt that defiance of a…

The Geneva Bible included a great deal of commentary in the margins intended to assist common people in their study of the Bible. King James I had all of this commentary removed from the King
James Bible because he felt some of the annotations…

A depiction of the hanging and burning of John Oldcastle. He was executed for heresy by order of King Henry V. John Oldcastle is widely believed to be the inspiration for the character Falstaff, who appears in several of Shakespeare's history plays.

This emblem from George Wither signifies that the stability of those in power is subject to the opinions of those they govern.

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This emblem, appearing in George Wither’s Collection of Emblems Ancient and Moderne illustrates a heart, which bears the figure of an eye wide open to the sun. This symbol bears the notion that the mind should take heed to the purity found through…

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Portraits of actors in Shakespearean plays posing within their respective scenes.

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Portraits of Shakespearean actors posing within scenes of their respective plays.
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